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Overview of Roxicodone

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Roxicodone description

Roxicodone is a prescription drug that comes in five forms: Immediate-release tablet, Immediate-release capsule, Extended-release tablet; Extended-release capsule, and Solution; all forms are oral.

This drug is a brand name of Oxycodone Immediate-release tablets. It assists in treating moderate to severe pain as a part of combination therapy. It is considered a potent opioid prescription, and you may take it as a painkiller.

When you buy Roxicodone online, you must follow the prescription to use it per the pharmacist’s recommendation. This drug produces effects similar to that of heroin, especially when you take this drug beyond the prescription limit.

Roxicodone is supplied as an Immediate-release tablet and is also available in 5 mg, 15 mg, and 30 mg strengths. You also can get this drug in combination with Acetaminophen or aspirin.

Crucial points about Roxicodone

Roxicodone may cause drowsiness if you use it during pregnancy; it can cause the newborn baby to a drug-dependent. This drug also can lead to life-threatening withdrawal issues in the developing baby.

Although the drug is effective in providing relief from the pain, a person is experiencing. It is more likely that the drug may be abused, or a person can get addicted to its use. It works and affects the central nervous system to relieve pain.

Roxicodone contains Oxycodone, a schedule-controlled substance. It exposes the patients to the risk of addiction, abuse, and misuse. The risk of addiction in any individual is unknown, and it may happen in any patient.

What should you know before taking Roxicodone?

Please make sure before using Roxicodone, and tell your health advisor if you have ever had:

  • Sleep apnea; breathing problems;
  • Seizures; A head injury;
  • Urination problem; kidney or liver disease;
  • Problems with your pancreas, gallbladder, or thyroid;

How should you take Roxicodone?

Please read carefully and follow all the directions on your prescription label and medication guides. It would help if you never used Roxicodone in smaller or larger amounts or for a long time than the recommendation. If you feel a strengthened desire to use this medication, please inform your health advisor or pharmacist.

Please never share opioid medication like Roxicodone with someone else, especially someone with an account of drug abuse or addiction. Please swallow the whole capsule without crushing, chewing, breaking, opening, or dissolving it. It would help if you did not overdose on this drug to avoid exposure to potentially fatal side effects.

Please store this drug away from heat and moisture at room temperate. You should keep track of your medicine to be aware of someone misusing your medication or taking it without a prescription because Roxicodone is a drug of abuse.

You should have food before taking Roxicodone, and please measure the liquid medicine. Please do not forget to use a dosing syringe or medicine dose-measuring device. If you are using other opioids, please stop them and order Roxicodone online; no RX.

Roxicodone dosage

Roxicodone is directed for use when the alternative treatments of pain are not enough for people. The treatment of pain that is severe enough requires an opioid analgesic such as Roxicodone.

This drug comes in Immediate-release form, tablets, and capsules. The dosage of Roxicodone differs from person to person and their condition.

For adults-

Patients who have not taken an opioid in the past weeks or month is prescribed a dose of 5 to 15 mg at an interval of 4 to 6 hours. If the pain is severe, please take the amount of the drug every 4 to 6 hours.

For children-

Roxicodone 0.2 mg is given to the age group of 5 to 14 children. The drug assists in reducing the pain that is associated with wound care in a child. The level of pain that mainly happens in children is not acute and can be treated with the help of 0.2 mg- 0.3 mg tablets. You should take the dose every 3 to 4 hours to treat the pain.

Roxicodone side effects

Roxicodone is an effective medication against pain, but you must not take it without a prescription without consulting your health advisor. Unlike other drugs, Roxicodone has some side effects.

Some common side effects include:

  • Constipation; Nausea; Dizziness;
  • Lightheadedness; Vomiting; Stomach pain; Tiredness;

Some severe side effects include:

  • Breathing problems; Irregular heartbeats;
  • Seizure; Low cortisol level;
  • Fainting; Confusion; Unusual thoughts and behavior;

It is an incomplete list regarding the side effects of Roxicodone. Other side effects may happen, so please consult your pharmacist about them or feel free to contact us.

What drugs can interact with Roxicodone?

If you use this drug with other drugs, they may interact and cause some fatal side effects. Please do not use other medicines with Roxicodone. Some drugs can interact, including:

  • Opioid pain drug or prescription cough medication;
  • Sedative medications;
  • Sleeping pills;
  • Muscle relaxants or tranquilizers;
  • Cure for headache treatments;