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Satisfying our customer base is a priority to us; therefore, we provide you with the best quality medicines at an affordable rate and deliver you the value for your money but can not guarantee you the following:

Product and its description

Opioid Stores legally deals in all types of FDA-approved, scheduled, and controlled medicines and provides detailed information about all the medications we sell.

Just to make it convenient for our users, we provide some necessary and general information about the medicine, health disorders, and treatments thereof.

We always work hard to provide all the updated and medically verified information to our users. Still, it is just general information that may not be applicable in your case.

We also advise you not only to rely upon the available data while using any medicine, as we are not responsible for any loss, and you can not hold us liable for any mishappening.

Medical advise

Opioid Stores also facilitates its customers to consult the medical faculty associated with it and take the virtual prescription from them. Still, sometimes it might not be safe and severely affect their health. Therefore, take medicine at your own risk and stop using it if you observe any adverse effects on your health.

Third-party links on the website

Bounded by certain policies, we are under the obligation to flash some third-party links on our website, but to be very clear, we don’t endorse any of their products. Our company will not be liable for any loss caused because of it or by any act of the third party.

So, it is always advisable to read the disclaimer carefully before placing any orders. Once you order the desired medicine (with or without a prescription) and start using it, we will not take any responsibility for any loss and consequences.